Wine Storage-Racks, Coolers and Cellars in Barrington- Palatine IL, Crystal Lake and East Dundee, IL
The “Fine Wine” market has experienced remarkable growth over the last decade. Driven by higher worldwide visibility of fine wine producers, the maturing palates of GenX, growing consumption by Boomers and rapidly developing Asian consumption, this growth is expected to continue. The exploding demand will continue to outgrow the ability of producers to develop vineyards, process grapes, ferment the juices and age the wine. These inherent limitations give fine wines a remarkable investment potential.

Reuters recently reported that fine wines are a better investment than equities and commodities. Investment and tax professionals note that investing in fine wines offers several tax advantaged benefits because fine wine is tangible, movable and perishable. As household investment in fine wines grow so does the need for adequate storage and protection of the fine wine assets.

A home’s wine storage requirements are driven by the needs of the homeowners. A household that drinks little wine doesn’t require wine storage. A household that regularly enjoys wine may require a small wine rack or cooler. Oenophiles and fine wine investors likely require a fully-functional wine cellar to store, organize and manage their fine wine inventory. Many upscale Suburban Chicago homes now feature wine cellars. In some neighborhoods, wine cellars have become so prolific that they are now considered a “neighborhood norm”.

We believe that savvy homeowners should use an interior designer to design and create their wine cellar. In our opinion, an interior designer is best suited to ensure that homeowners receive the best return, utility and satisfaction from their space. A well designed wine cellar should achieve two primary goals. First, it should protect the wine from degradation and enhance its ability to age and mature. Second, it should fit the home, aesthetic and lifestyle of the homeowners to provide the best value from their commitment of space and resources. At Interior Design Accents we offer consultation, design and installation services to our clients in Barrington, Palatine and Crystal Lake, Illinois and from our East Dundee, IL, Wisconsin locations.


To protect wine and enhance its ability to age and mature, a wine cellar should control temperature, humidity, light, orientation and vibration. Temperature should be consistent and maintained between 45 and 65 degrees with 55 degrees often quoted as ideal. Humidity should be maintained at a consistent 55% to 75% with 70% often quoted as ideal. Light should minimize UV exposure which degrades the wines’ tannins and accelerates its aging and regular household lighting will fade bottle labels which decreases the wines value. Orientation should be horizontal for wines with traditional cork closures and to maximize the total storage capacity of the space. Vibration should be minimized to prevent accelerating the chemistry of aging and prevent sediment from settling. Each of these factors is relatively easy to address using standard best construction practices and common mechanical systems.

To fit your home, aesthetic and lifestyle, the wine cellar designer should balance your personal relationship and the long-term objectives of your wine investment with the tasting ambiance you wish to experience and your plans to socialize using your wine cellar. These factors strongly influence your cellar’s capacity and location requirements and determine the most suitable décor and amenity suggestions to enhance your home, meet your personal style and your entertaining needs.

It takes a savvy interior designer to create a wine cellar that protects your wine, enhances your enjoyment, compliments your home and fits your lifestyle. Allow us the opportunity to help you envision and create the wine cellar you deserve, call 847-852-7979 in the Barrington – Palatine area of Illinois or 262-374-5961 in East Dundee, IL. You can also email us for further information or to schedule a home consultation.

Michael Boyle is a Design Consultant with Interior Design Accents. He has been designing, remodeling, staging and renovating homes in the Chicago area for nearly 30 years. He’s also been known to consume and appreciate fine wines and wine cellars from around the globe.