At Spiritcraft Design, we love decorative pillows. There is perhaps no home decor accent that is so customizable and adaptable to any design style or personal taste. Decorative accent pillows can add to the ambiance of nearly any room in a home and often be a transforming influence in a design scheme. Designer throw pillows can be centerpieces of a room or add to the allure of a particular piece of furniture by completing the “look” or “feel” that you desire for that greater decor accent. Though there are some strict design styles and fabrics that suit a particular design motif, many styles of decorative pillows can be introduced into a room allowing the contrasting or complimentary decor elements to blend, enhancing any decor from clean and contemporary to traditional and even Victorian. The limiting factor is often only our pooled imagination and design vision.

In Part one of this informational series, we will explore a few decorative pillow examples and how design, fabrics and trims are thoughtfully combined to create stunning interior design accents. By examining specific examples of designer pillows that we have created, we hope that you can imagine how design elements, style, sizing, fabrics and trim selections can be adapted to create the ultimate decorative pillows that will enhance your personal home decor style. The possibilities are truly vast and your personally designed and crafted decorative pillows are waiting to be created.

Decorative Throw Pillows | Discover your decor vision through fabrics, trims and design elements

Pollack Swiss Silk Brocade Pillow with Kravet Design Cord Trim and Tassel by Spiritcraft Pillows

Adaptability of Design | While this Decorative Pillow lends itself as a decor accent that is at home in a more traditional design scheme, the fabric itself has been successfully employed in any and every design motif imaginable.

With regard to this particular pillow and design, the size and trim selection suggests a more traditional decor element especially with the addition of the elegant decorative tassels. While the fabric does fit perfectly in a traditional decor motif, imagine the pillow in a larger square design with only a simple cording and you have a decorative pillow that could enhance even a clean contemporary decor.

Animal Print, Silk Velvet Tigre Decorative Throw Pillows

The Allure of Animal Prints | The adaptability and allure of animal patterns & prints is often astounding and these exotic fabrics will enhance any home decor style. This example incorporates an exotic silk velvet Tiger pattern in a semi-rectangular design with a clean cord trim and exotic decorative tassels. As designed, this decorative pillow could enhance any decor but could be slightly adapted to be perfect in any personal design motif. Animal prints and wovens in velvet, silk or linen are the most flexible of fabric designs and will compliment, or be a centerpiece design statement, in any decor imaginable. See more examples here.

Lee Jofa Linen Print - Floral Decorative Velvet Pillows

Large Patterns and Backing Velvets | A wonderful example of a simple corded decorative throw pillow in a large patterned fabric. This designer accent pillow features a colorful large scale linen hand-printed floral from Lee Jofa. The large scale pattern in a nice yet simply corded design is alluring, colorful and is at home in any home decor. As a centerpiece or as part of an ensemble large scale decorative pillows will enhance any design motif. Note the contrasting, yet complimentary backing velvet that while adorning the facing fabric perfectly, is a stand alone design statement itself. The backing velvet here is a stunning Pollack “Sedan Plush” which is almost deeper and more lush that real Mohair.

Large Decorate Designer Pillows in Velvet and Tapestry Fabrics

The Marriage of Fine Designer Fabrics | Extraordinary Decorative Pillows can be designed and carefully crafted by combining many fabrics and decorative trims. We have created many showpiece examples for our national and local clients by blending silks, velvets and brocade fabrics and adorning them with gimp, cord, tassel and fringe trims. The possibilities are endless and again, only our shared imaginations hold us back from creating a custom showcase pillow, set or ensemble that is not only one of a kind but all your own. We have a few examples that are “custom ready made” at but custom designed, handcrafted works of art should really be a personal affair.

Please feel free to first imagine, then allow us to help you create the perfect decorative pillows for your home decor style. To learn more about our widely heralded decorative pillows and to explore the endless possibilities available to you, call 815-893-6609 or email us. You can also browse our on-line store for examples of our custom designer decorative pillows, visit to see what the world has discovered about us. In Part 2 we will further explore fabrics and design options and delve deeper into velvet fabrics as both facing and backing materials.

Spiritcraft Pillows: Imagined, Designed and Personally Handcrafted in our USA Fabric Workroom.

By: Mal Gleichmann