There is nothing worse than having a new solid wood table top that begins to show stains and water rings shortly after being used. Showing water rings and staining is a sure sign that a subpar finished was used on the table top. Many finishes that are popular and being heavily used today on solid wood tables were never intended for such use and will often stain upon first use. We have always exclusively used Polyurethane on all table tops and have never had staining or water ring issues. We have always pursued improvement and currently use what we consider the finest poly ever developed for solid wood table tops.

Our World Class finish is a 2k Polyurethane that is made in Italy by Milesi. This incredible finish is not only not susceptible to water staining, it will never crack or yellow and it is a true crystal clear top coat. This very durable finish is not a thick plastic coat but rather a fine finish that allows the texture of wood grain to remain apparent for refined appeal. Milesi 2K offers easy care and a damp rag it all that is needed for cleanup of just about anything that can be spilled on the surface. It is also inert nearly immediately after application unlike most other available finishes.

While we know here that Milesi 2k Poly is impervious to staining and water rings, we decided to provide our clients a video demonstration to prove the point. The video below offers a time lapse, hour long test using a pitcher of ice-water on a solid wood table top finished with 20 sheen
2k poly. As mentioned in the video, we know the impervious nature of Milesi 2k poly and have had zero water rings reported even with heavily used commercial bar tops and restaurant tables. View the video to see Milesi 2k in action.

A time lapse video showing that our 2k Polyurethane finish will prevent water rings

Our 2k poly will never allow water stains and rings to mar the beauty of our solid wood table tops. For many reasons, we feel that Milesi 2k Polyurethane is the finest finish available anywhere for solid wood surfaces. Again, we have commercial restaurant and bartops that have never exhibited one water ring ove nearly a decade of heavy use.

For more information or to request a quote on a live edge table or top call 224-801-1969 or message us. See Spiritcraft Furniture for information on their no water ring solid wood dining tables and commercial restaurant table tops.